Find the right cricket equipment and clothing

Regardless of whether you play in a team or just for fun down the park, you are going to need the right cricket equipment to play properly. Whilst stumps, balls, bat and protective gear will often be provided by a club, many prefer to buy their own equipment as they can customise it.

Protective cricket equipment in particular is something that is worth paying a little extra money for. A helmet can be dangerous if it is too large as it can move around a lot, obscuring your vision. Gloves need to be the right size to ensure they cover all areas of the hand and fingers that could get hit by a fast-moving cricket ball. Pads also need to fit correctly as they need to cover your lower leg right from the ankle up to and including the knee.

Why cricket bats are your most important piece of equipment

The other thing that many people like to own themselves is a bat. For something that appears to be a big lump of wood, there are actually a huge variety of cricket bats and they can vary in feel quite drastically. To many, this is the most important piece of cricket equipment there is. If you know what you want, then buying a bat online tends to be the cheapest way to obtain one and there are a number of stores online who will be able to assist you in making the right choice.

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